Paths - An Overview of the Platform

Paths - An Overview of the Platform

What is a Path?

A Path is very simply a "package" of information that is made up of a curated set of "Steps" that an organizational admin determines will be best for a Path user, or member.

What are Steps?

Steps are the basic building blocks of the Paths platform. Think of it this way: when you walk down a path, you take steps... one step at a time.  There are several types of Steps. We will introduce you to them in this article and each of the step types has a series of articles explaining how they work and how to create and edit them. 

What is a Path Admin?

An admin is a person who works in the Paths Hub to create Paths for members. 

What is a Member?

A member is any person who has been invited to a Path. This could be a patient, a caregiver, or a member of church or other type of organization, just to name a few examples. Once a person has been invited to participate in a Path, they become a member of the Paths community. 

What is the Admin Hub?

The HUB is the administrative area in the Paths platform where admins create, organize, and invite members to Paths. The Admin Hub is also where admins manage their organization account, track Path engagement through the Dashboard and Insights, and invite additional admins.  


The Dashboard gives a broad view of all of the various Step types that are in use in a Path.


Insights provides very specific data as to when and how members are engaging with Steps. 

Organization Details

Organizational admins can adjust org settings such as the org name, branding image and icon, description, etc. 


A Group is made up of a collection of Paths. Groups are simply a way for organizations to organize their collection of Paths. 

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